Windsor Investment Phfg Inc.Sarl are established under the umbrella of ministry of mineral resource rules and regulation which gives us the zeal and strength to reach the demands of our buyers globally. Our major aims are to cover global market in gold bar, Gold dust, rough diamonds and exportation globally in priority of satisfying our customer’s needs.


The demand of these products would never decrease and therein, to match up with the demands from all over the world. We are backed with outstanding facilities. Above all of these, we are providing it at reasonable rates. The main aims to reach perfection using this elements and values by accepted feedbacks from our customers and related parties. We recognize our duties and accept our responsibilities for ensuring the of products.


The keys for success of the company are:

Hard work and dedication towards the members of the family.

Proper control of buying of our raw materials.

Knowledge of the products.



Complete satisfaction to our clients and provide quick delivery of the products along with affordable price for the clients.



We know the value of your time. Our team is on toes to connect with you for any assistance via Email / Phone / Online Chat only when you want. Your inbox will not be flooded with any time consuming boring newsletters.